Add Some Custom UI page with HTML,Bootsrap,CSS

Need some clarification ! I am looking into do some ui customization in erp module development ?
customization like without using the Doc-types and Doc-fields adding own pages into the app and pointing the fields frappe framework.

I read about the frappe framework guide and Introduction to Frappe and steps to create a new app and site,in this example used predefined dashboard pages with Doc-types and Doc-fields i need some code flow and the project structure of the erpnext, Any step by step guide for that?

Is it possible to do custom development in UI pages and using some other RDMBS database as data source with mariaDB??

Thanks in advance!


You can add your own pages in on-premise erpnext installation. I am not sure about the hosted solution.

I have written about it Dyamic web views using Frappe. Let me know if this serves your purpose and if you need any further help on it.


@akshar Thank you so much this is really helpful. I really appreciate your efforts.
@akshar can you tells us how to configure that custom HTML design with python backend ?
Can we add the file with .py extension in the same folder where you added the featured.html file or add python files in somewhere else ?
I hope you got my point.

Thank you so much again.