Add Tax ID of supplier to Purchase Invoice

Hi everyone, I would like to add the Tax ID of the Supplier to the Purchase Invoice. I have been studying posts and get the impression I should be able to pull this field from the customized Purchase Invoice form where I added a custom field “VAT ID”.

Do I need to add something like cur_frm.add_fetch(‘Supplier’, ‘vat_id’ , ‘vat_id’) as a custom script in a modified layout of the Purchase Invoice print?

Whatever I do I don’t see the VAT ID in my modified template. Thanks ahead for any pointers.

The custom field added is of the type “read only” ?

It wasn’t, now it is. Still I am not seeing anything yet…

Ah the field type was to be set to Read-only, I had used Data. It is working now thanks!

@Mark_de_Blois, @ArundhatiS i make it as you said but couldn’t bring the tax id automatically from the supplier master?it only shows the read only field …should i have write any custom script or what should i do?

@Mark_de_Blois, @ArundhatiS, @fikerjayz
am facing the same problem please if you have the solution.thanks

Please see screenshot on what I did

thanks it works fine now.