Add TDS from previous employer

Is there any way in ERPNext to add TDS from a previous employer to an employee’s salary slip? I can add the salary through “Employee Other Income”, but there does not seem to be a way to add TDS from other employers. Please note that this amount would be deducted from the final TDS due, and thus cannot just be entered as a deduction.

Nothing like this is available out of the box. You could probably hack something together using a fake Salary Slip, or you could make a more robust solution overriding the Salary Slip controller class.

Thanks for the response, and the ideas on how to proceed. I think that overriding the Salary Slip controller seems to be the way to go.

While we need to implement this quickly for a client, it seems that this would be a fairly common requirement at least in India, and we would be glad to contribute this back to ERPNext in a systematic manner. I take it that it would be best to have a discussion on this forum on how best to proceed, and then submit a Github pull request?