Add to doctype's list js via hooks

I created a custom app to print Payin Slips from JV’s list view. To do so i needed to alter list js for JV.

Is there an existing way to add to list js of a doctype with out altering original/erpnext app files?

If not, can i raise a PR to add to list js via map in

eg usage for hooks approch.

doctype_list_js = {
    "Journal Voucher": ["c_scripts/journal_voucher_list.js"]

Hi, are there any updates on this issue?
Or maybe some workaround?

@M_Tri_R, @BhupeshGupta, you can use in the client-side frappe.require in the event onload

@max_morais_dmm ,Hi Max, thanks for reply,
can you give me simple example ?
Where is this frappe.require?

@M_Tri_R, in the javascript


dont forget for it work properly do you need create a public folder in your project with the “js” and “css” folders inside, and run the bench build before the first run.

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@max_morais_dmm, and where is the part to hook the js to list view?
Ok, let me rephrase my question,
I need to add a new menu to Item List from ERPNext, in order to do so I need to add a new item_list.js,
but I want to do it without altering original/erpnext app files if possible.

Oh, nevermind, using

doctype_list_js = {
“Item”: [“custom_scripts/item_list.js”],

in hooks actually work

@M_Tri_R, yes is possible but do you need do it in of you app

add in hook something like this

doctype_js  = {
  "DocType": [

doctype_list_js = {
  "DocType": [


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