Add user name of cashier to POS recceipt

Can anyone kindly help me add the name of the user (waiter) on a POS receipt. Thanks

Go to Print Format > Point of Sale then add this line at the end or whatever you want:

Waiter: {{frappe.session.user}}

This will print logged in user who make the POS receipt


Thank you…this worked out for me:slight_smile:

I am glad that work for you.

Hello @Mohammed_Redha

Is there a way to show the user’s full name instead of the email address of the logged in user ?

I am having an issue which I want to solve , I want to deploy ERP at my own shop , we have a mechanism that in our shop sale persons make an invoice but customer doesn’t pay it they come to the end of the store and then pay it to cashier, Cashier just loads the number , and if customer goes to multiple places they add items to same invoice and then cashier takes money at the end , How we can achieve this ? If i use the old invoice then in rush hours it takes much time to make invoice any robust way? or any way to delay the payment in POS?

did you solve it?