Add user-specific document creation limits for each doctype in Frappe with flexible intervals


As an administrator, it would be useful to have the ability to set user-specific document creation limits for each doctype in the Frappe framework with flexible intervals. This would allow for better control over the number of documents created by individual users and help to prevent document clutter and maintain data integrity.

The feature request is to have the option to set a default limit of document creation for each user on a doctype, with 0 meaning no limit. This can be set on the user’s profile, via role or role profile, or via user type, or via a custom script. The system should prevent the user from creating more documents than the specified limit. Additionally, the intervals (daily, weekly, hourly, monthly, yearly) for the limitations can be chosen by the administrator. For example, a user can create 50 emails per month.

This feature would be especially useful for organizations with large numbers of users and a need to control the amount of data being created and stored in the system. It gives the administrator/system manager more control over how much data can be created by a user and when.

Thank you for your consideration.