Adding a custom field to page, or include external javascript

Hello for all!

This is my first topic, and first impressions with ERPNext are great, but also I had some problems.
I came from different world and had few years of experiences in other frameworks and web applications.

What I need to resolve is how to customize/extend some page view with my custom fields and actions.

As example, there is Point Of Sale form, and what is option to add some my field to that form, and also that button event need to trigger my custom javascript file?

Or another option, how to include and what to use inside my custom js to be triggered with on submit button event? Is it possible to do with custom app where would be only my js, and iniside it listen for on submit event, and also using prototype to connect with POS and fetch data after button submit? Maybe some example? Or is only option to change core files?

Please also as note, I read all about ERPNext - Custom Fields - or - Custom Scripts - for different DocTypes, but here I don’t ask for that. Also don’t ask about fixtures.

Best regards and thanks!


I am looking for same thing. I spend some time on the forum but i couldn’t find real 100% answer to my question. You can refer on this discussion