Adding a field on an existing table - not displaying on screen


New to erpnext. I can’t find any information on adding a field on an existing table, but I figured that part out. I added a field to the supplier_items table for a cost per supplier.

I can see that it was added and I can enter data there by clicking on the down arrow on the list, but it doesn’t display it on the table on the item maintenance screen, within the Supplier Details>Item Code for Suppliers section.

Is there a trick to add this field? Do I have to modify code to get this to show up? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @alex4pmi! Did you use Customize Form/Custom Field Doctype to add your custom field? If not, see here.

@alex4pmi can you please send screen shots. You can view a field in table by going to Setup - Custom Form - Details (Select the field) > and click on In List View to select it.

@creamdory Yes, I used that to add the custom field.

@NeisSenni Here is a screen shot. I’ll have to reply again and attach another

@alex4pmi, as said above you can view the Unit Cost field by selecting “In List View” @Customize Form->Item Supplier->Unit Cost-> Click on the number say 3->select “In List View” check box.

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