Adding a table column to employee list

Hello Everyone,
please i need to know how i can add another column of attribute to the employees existing list in the CRM → Employee list

Considering you want to show Employee doctype under CRM,
Goto frappe-bench/apps/erpnext/erpnext/config/, add employee doctype.

Geetanjali Shitole
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Hi @Geetanjall please i dont fully understand the content of the file and how to add the doctype.

Go to path : frappe-bench/apps/erpnext/erpnext/config/
In Document’s item section, add following json :
“type”: “doctype”,
“name”: “Employee”,
“description”: _(“Employee Details.”),

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@priya_s I have added that already, but the employee list still remains the same. what i am asking about is to add columns like the attribute gender to the employee list

Set In_list_view option to those attributes, from customize form.

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Hi, please walk me throught the steps which i can follow to set In_list_ option. i will be very gtateful and thanks in advance.

  1. Go to : Setup → Customize → Customize Form
  2. Select Enter Form Type as ‘Employee’.
  3. You will have field list of Employee.
  4. Open required field (gender) and set In List View and update the form.

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Hey @priya_s, i dont think that is what he is asking for, he is asking for a way to display a form field in the table which appears when you click of a Doctype. for example, when you click of the Employee doctype in HR, your see (fullname, status, designation and id) in a tabular form, so i think he is asking how to add a field in that table view…
Sorry @eugene23, don’t yet know how to do it, am still new to the framework

@djff When we click on any doctype, we have list of all records. In frappe this view called as List view.
To add any field in List view , we set In List View property of a field.
By continuing with your example, in basic view we have (fullname, status, designation and id) fields and you want to add ‘gender’ in this view, then you have to set In List View property for that field.

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thanks @priya_s i have tried it and it worked

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