Adding a "title" field to the Supplier & pulling the data for existing entries

I’d like to add a title field for the supplier which picks data from the supplier_name & from a custom fied supplier code.

I general this is straight forward (customize from > Supplier > add title field and put {supplier_code} {supplier_name} in the “Default section”.

Now by default this only works for future entries and leaves all existing suppliers with exactly “{supplier_code} {supplier_name}” in the title instead of “SF145518 Shun Feng Express” in example as it would be intended. Is there any way to pull this data for existing entries, or is a data import (editing the title field content in the csv file the only way to achieve this?

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You could alternatively also write a python function that does this for you …

with “python function” you mean (in ERPNext terminology) a ‘custom script’?