Adding a workflow stage in stock entry

i want to add an approval state in stock entry(if the action is material request) before someone can submit it
and the one supposed to approve is a user in approval role,
ive already created the group and there is a workflow called approve the remaining is to add it without interrupting the submit action.

any help?


For workflow understanding please read complete following thread. I think I will help you.


Thank you for the answer but this doesnt show how i can assign a certain workflow to material request only


Kindly refer the link to learn more on workflows:

You may require to set User permissions to achieve the desired output,

Hope this helps.

When you create new workflow, you will have option to select “Doctype”. Here you will select “Material Request”.

You can also view video in Setup->Help->Workflow.


Awesome and it wont interupt the submit step?
i mean the submit step will remain there?

Getting error saying"cannot cancel before submitting.See transistion 4"

check the transitions

Actually when we implement workflow, then there submit option is not shown. When a document is approved, system automatically submits it.

So you can cancel after approving it.


I understand that workflows are required for certain transactions, but over here, is there any reason you can set up the access rights in such a way that the person on the workflow approving the transaction is the only role that can submit the document. The person who makes the stock entry does not have the submission rights. This way you can get the same effect of a workflow without the workflow.

And in case you want the person that needs to approve the document to get a notification once he stock entry is ready for review and approval (here submittal), the user then assigns it to the person who can submit the document.



Request (simpleuser), validate (in charge of stock) and Approve (approver).

this is the workflow so how can i do it.
plz help

Apologies if this is not helpful. What is the value that the role validating the transaction is adding? Why can’t that role do the approval directly? If no, why do you need that role to validate at all?

Similarly, what is the value that the approver is adding? Why can’t that role do the approval directly without validation from the validator?

If indeed you need to do the workflow, very specific to a Material Request, this will need some customization and I will try and get back with you in a couple of days.



the validate user(stock) ensures that the goods are there
then the approve user(supervisor) says ok give them and bam its done

You cannot cancel a document before submitting.

Validated is state 0
Rejected is state 2

You can only advance as:

Draft > Submitted > Canceled 
0 > 1 > 2

i solved it by doing this

the problem now is to set it to only work on stock entry->material issue not on stock entry->*

So do you allow negative stock on your system. While a workflow sounds great from a technical perspective, why cannot the approver of the workflow, look at the stock balance report and approve the stock entry directly? Again, I don’t mean to be difficult, but an ERP is supposed to give you information at your fingertips right? That helps us reduce bureaucracy, right?

A workflow is a duplication of the existing process, running a lean on the current process to reduce the number of touches is the opportunity that automation opens up.



Thank you for your reply the reason why i added that final stage is that the approval user isnt the store keeper and things can be approved then get provided some times after or even get out of stock before they are given to the one requesting them.