Adding Account Numbers

Hello there,

I realized, that tabAccount does not have a column for official account numbers.

I know, that in ERPNext we use Strings over numeric IDs. Thats okay and I think everyone understood, that it has advantages and disadvantages.

In this case, its about official (!) account numbers.

For example in Germany in the so called SKR 03 or SKR 04 account structure, there are defined numbers, which have names, as well as fixed numbers or number ranges.

I thought it would be a good feature for ERPNext to have a separate and optional column for those official account numbers.

The following PDF is on German, but it will give you a clue about what I am explaining here:

Any ideas or feedback to my thoughts?

Thank you very much.

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Is it something like this?

I can’t find the link now but I think there are plans to implement this in version 9

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Hi Faraz, exactly. Quite simple, a field for the number (in Germany). There may exist countries with alphanumeric numbers, but I don’t know anything about this, I just assume. That’s just a little detail.

@tundebabzy If it is only a simple new field / doctype/form customization, why should we wait for it until version 9 and don’t just push a pull request?

We could start right away to provide the community the opportunity to research and provide the numbers for their countries. I could help with Germany.

Great! I think someone already raised this on github. If you find it, you can take it up. We’ll be expecting your pull request

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Thank you, I will search on Github and send a pull request for that field.

This one I guess!

I am thinking to work on the issue in the next month.

There are a public roadmap for version 9?

Currently no public roadmap :frowning:

ok, thanks :slight_smile:

This feature is mandatory here, our accountants works with account numbers not names, thanks a lot.

You could prepend the account number to the name. You could also separate numbers from names with “-” or “;” if you want to be technical :slight_smile:
Whenever version nine releases, you would need to edit your COA again, this time filling the account number into the proper field, but this way around, you will be certain that nothing breaks when updateting.
I am an accounting professional from Denmark, we too use account numbering, though it is not mandatory, it is a fast to typer four digits and you will be certain you selected the proper account for the transaction.

I remeber raising this issue too and my local solution was to add another Custom field and making it for Description while the Code/Description was for the Code.
The only issue was that when looking for the accounts based on the numbers the user only could see the Account Number and not knowing the description … This would require me to have a look at the source and make the changes.

Temporary solution was to have the Number and the Description as a single fields (0001111 - Acccount for This) and of course that the Record number or Record name would be (0001111 - Acccount for This - Company) in which takes alot of …
Right now we are dealing with an Accounting that has more than 15 numbers plus the description.

This feature is available now since ERPNext 10.

I think we can close this thread now.