Adding add multiple button to table doctype


can anyone help me to know how to add the new button “add multiple” to my new custom table doc type as its appear add row only /??


I’m note sure I understood you correctly, but if you want to add a custom button to a Child Table field type, you need to put this in your form’s on refresh:

frm.fields_dict['tab_datasheet'].grid.add_custom_button('label', () => {console.log("custom button press");})

Thanks very much, I need to add button of add multiple like the one in the table of sales order item , beside add row

add multi button is activated via the Allow Bulk Edit option in child table field property in doctype or custom form, e.g check the sales order doctype, open the items field property via popup form like below,

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thanks dear for your valuable info

i found above option but unfortunately every time i mark then update , its return to non selected again

any guide how to use it or required settings to update it /?

I had this situation when editing the mandatory field of the Event Participants for the Event doctype.

Solution: activate developer mode, edit the setting, respectively disable the developer mode if you don’t need it.