Adding an option to a select list

I want to ad an option to the monthly frequency list of the quality goals.

Current Options are:

I want to add “Yearly” as an option.

Customizing the form and adding a line for the options of the field gives me the error “You can’t set ‘Options’ for field Monitoring Frequency”.

How can I add the option?


You can create property setter with like of this Json

  "creation": "2022-02-28 11:39:02.609368",
  "default_value": null,
  "doc_type": "Quality Goals",
  "docstatus": 0,
  "doctype": "Property Setter",
  "doctype_or_field": "DocField",
  "field_name": "monthly_freq",
  "modified": "2022-11-02 10:33:07.280861",
  "name": "Quality Goals-monthly_freq-options",
  "parent": null,
  "parentfield": null,
  "parenttype": null,
  "property": "options",
  "property_type": "Text",
  "row_name": null,
  "value": "\nDaily\nWeekly\nMonthly\nQuarterly\nYearly"

Please make sure you change doctype and fieldname as per your need.

Wow, that was quick, thank you!

Where do I apply this?

@apr you can create Property Setter Manually, Just search for Property Setter in global search in your erpnext desk and create new with the shown values