Adding Break Time in Daily Attendence

I would like to add Break Hours to the daily attendance entry. When we give start and end time of a day, there will be one hour break time. When calculate total working hours a day we need to reduce the breaktime


You can do this by following setting in the Shift Type. This is to work properly, employee need to punch out and punch in during break hours also. That means total 4 punch in the day. Morning Punch-in for at the start of work, mid-day punch-out for lunch break start, again punch-in at the end of lunch break and finally punch-out at the end of the day.


Hi, Thank you for the response. We don’t do Punch in and Punch out by employees, most of our team is working at the site, currently we are entering details manually at office. So we planning add one field named Break Hours, so we can enter break hours , daily break hours should be minus from total hours