Adding Budget against different accounts for the same fiscal year


is my understanding correct ?

I wan to create budget against 2 accounts for Cost Center

  1. Travel
  2. Telephone

Since the budget for the “Travel” is finalized, i would like to submit budget for the same.

But after few days/moths i would like to add budget for “Telephone” , but when i try to create record the message says

Another Budget record ‘Main - AH/2018/001’ already exists against Cost Center ‘Main - AH’ for fiscal year 2018

Is that correct use case ?

if so how to handle the same ?


As per the current design, only one Budget can be created for the Cost Center in a given year. Currently, it doesn’t validate based on the Accounts selected in the Budget.

Can you please create a Github Issue to allow multiple Budgets for a Cost Center, unless Account is not repeating?

Perhaps we could also make Budget a Save only document, and not submittable, so that one could add new Account in the same Budget master.

Thanks @umair,

I think out of the 2 solution suggested ,

To allow multiple Budgets for a unique Cost Center + Account + Fiscal Year combination , this will also cover scenario of having different monthly distribution for different account for the same fiscal year.

Created github issue

Thanks. You can also consider sending a pull request for improving validation and take Accounts in the consideration as well. That should be better resolve than making budget save-only doc.

In the Github Issues, please do not make specific mentions as he suggested this etc.

PR Done. :slight_smile:

:clap::clap: @rohit_w can you please review and merge it?