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So we have the New Event Option available under doctypes like Leads.


What should be the code I should add to a custom button i create on the top of the page like this?


Ideally I’d like to populate the default fields to Event->Call->Present Time->Present User etc

Running the below helps me change only the title of the window and nothing else and i get an error when i click create.

Code I ran :

new frappe.views.InteractionComposer({title: "Event halo",reference_doctype:"Quotation"})

Error on clicking the Reference Selection Box:

interaction.js:200 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property ‘doc’ of undefined
at frappe.views.InteractionComposer.get_values (interaction.js:200)
at onchange (interaction.js:57)
at base_control.js:175