Adding data to standard invoice template


I would like to add bank details to standard invoice template. Since I was referring the ERPNext manual, I came across, I would need a bit of python expertise to add the data to standard invoice template. It would be helpful if I get ready code where I just insert the data I would like to see on the print form.

I’m using
ERPNext: v4.12.0
Frappe Framework: v4.6.1

@abhi Its time to upgrade your ERPNext. As you dont need Coding skills as long as you dont need something else other than what you have described above in latest version of ERPNext.

From version 6 onwards, Frappe which is a framework in which ERPNext is built does offer some very useful features and so does ERPNext is very friendly in user perspective.

Checkout Print Format Builder comes with version 7+

Thanks yashodhan

I understand the crucial requirement of upgrading is hovering around and I am on to it. However, I work under a management where I need to follow the process.

Meanwhile we upgrade to latest version, is there a way to do it on current version? It setting upon a priority.

I could not been able to get the code for standard invoice template. I was thinking to copy it and paste to a new template with added bank details?

Could you please be a help?


The standard print format changes pretty frequently as various parts of the system get enhanced so whilst you may use it now it may change as you upgrade. Anyhow, I cannot remember precisely how v4 was like and whether this applies but you can try this…

Look for these files:

  • frappe/templates/print_formats/standard_macros.html
  • frappe/templates/print_formats/standard.html

Open a new text file, copy and paste standard_macros.html in a file then copy and paste standard.html at the bottom of this same file and use this as the print format. It should print out your document exactly as a standard format print would. Then you can just amend from there onward.

Hope this helps.