Adding DELETE button to GL Entry

Deleting some types of documents became impossible after installing ERPNext V13. Can not delete Journal Entry and some other files as they are creating GL Entry. Unfortunately there is no option to delete GL Entry. Therefore finally such documents can not be deleted. Can anyone help how to add a delete button to the GL Entry?

You can actually delete the documents but you have to first cancel all associated GL entries. However this is a chore as each document creates two separate entries and cancelling the documents creates two additional GL entries. So to delete the document you have to first cancel those four GL entries associated with the document and this could be burdensome if you want to delete multiple documents.

Not sure which version this feature was released but in the latest version there is a flag in Account Settings called Delete Accounting and Stock Ledger Entries on deletion of Transaction

My versions are

ERPNext: v13.1.0 (version-13)

Frappe Framework: v13.1.2 (version-13)

If you select this flag then the system will automatically delete the linked GL Entry on the deletion of the Accounting Document

Before selecting the flag

After Selecting the flag: I was able to Cancel and Delete the Journal Entry


Thanks. It works.
It was checked in earlier version but automatically unchecked while updated to V13.

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