Adding Department field in material request

Hi All,

I am using ERPNext on a trial basis for my organization. I have hosted ERPNext as virtual box in our windows server 2012.

I would like to know how I can add the department field in the Material Request form and link the same to department name. I tried to add the department field but unsure of the fieldname for department. Your kind help will be appreciated. Also where can i get a list of the database field names for linking custom fields.



To do so, you have to add a custom field.

  1. Setup >> Customize Section >> Cuctomize Form

  2. Enter Form Type>> Material Request >> Add custom Field

Please refer following screenshot to add a custom field in your material request DocType.

@shachiTakalkar thank you very much. Works fine. Can you please throw some light on dynamic link and is it possible to customize the naming series based on the department I select from the dropdown?


To know more about naming series please refer following link: