Adding directly to User Permission Manager

is there any chance for adding user directly from a doctype to the User Permission Manager like adding to To Do using Assigned to
For ex: Adding Permission to a project Access from the Project itself instead of going to User Permission Manager seperately


Have you checked ‘SHARED WITH’ option? You will find this option left hand side of the form.


Yeah I know that but ignores all the permission rules ad giving access to the one is shared with
but I dont want to ignore permission rules

@hereabdulla sorry as such feature is not available for now. however you can nagivate easily from doctypes list view > Menu > Role Permission Manager. Will be great to see this feature contributed by you :slight_smile:

I m ready to contribute but whether it is worth and is there any similiar feature to refer with

No such feature available in the ERPNext for now. Will suggest you to create Github Issue for this suggestion. Before any development, you can also collaborate with the community for the design review.