Adding DocType to an existing app

Hello Everyone, :wave:

First: a question.
How do I add a new DocType to an existing app which is already in git hub?
The DocType has a folder with all of its file etc. but it does not show in the system.

Second: some self promotion :slight_smile: .
I built a new app for your enjoyment.
This is a frappe based shopping list.
The idea is that if you have a running Frappe Framework system, you can add this app to your system and then when you go out shopping (at the market\grocery store etc.) you will have a list ready, that can be updated ad hoc by the people at home or by yourself or whatever.
The shopping list has two lists:

  1. “To take” list, where you have your actual list of things to buy.
  2. “Taken” list (has nothing to do with Liam Nisan :wink:), where everything you took from the “To take” list will go (once every 20 sec or something, I’m not sure yet).

The question above is about me deciding to add quantity and units to the list, where the units is based on a “Link” field, so you will have the ability to add units as you like.
As soon as you help me, this app will be operational, and I will publish it.

Have you migrated or not, do it first and build the app (bench build --force)

Thanks :slight_smile: