Adding Embedded Videos to NOTES

Hi everybody,

I have a general question…

Where do you recommend we add written SOPs (standard operating procedures) inside of ERP Next team may need to refer back to regularly. I’ve tried the training area, but that seems more focused on scheduling training events that are one time things that team members need to go through vs. a library of documents that help them do their jobs better. (Maybe I am doing it wrong?)

I’ve tried different places, but so far I haven’t found anything that’s ideal and I bet that you guys have already solved this issue.

One area I am trying to put general memos is the NOTES function. I can’t figure out how to embed videos there - is that possible?

Since there is no folder or category process there - that won’t be ideal for storing SOPs, but it’s a great place to have to store general stuff. That was a great idea!

The Employee onboarding is smart, but again it is a one time process vs. a library.

Thanks in advance for your insights.


Hi @Steve_Simonson

Did you figure this out? I’m also interested in something like this


In the Website module there is a menu called Knowledge Base with Help Category and Help Article doctype.
I think it is a perfect place for your SOP as it is on website (not app). So every employee can see it.

We haven’t solved yet.

Good idea - we’ll check it out!

I just wrote a reply on Knowledge base - selected articles only visible to internal users - #11 by frehu01 asking for the downsides of using notes as an internal knowledge base. Then I tried embedding a video and found this topic.

So did you resolve the video embedding problem?

Quality module have SOP Doctype