Adding existing Frappe App to ERPNext

Dear all,

I just started investigating ERPnext and Frappe Framework and I am really enthusiastic about it. But there are a lot of things to check and consider in order to understand if ERPnext can replace our existing (closed source) ERP solution.

On the other hand it seems very easy to start with small and simple apps to support our processes using Frappe. A scenario could be to start building those apps, while we’re evaluting ERPnext and integrate them later if ERPnext is a good fit or continue using them standalone.

I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask my question, but I wonder how hard or easy it would be to integrate something that has been built with Frappe into ERPnext as an app later, including all existing data.

best regards

ERPNext is a Frappe APP. Any APP can be made to catch even from each others action (such as SAVE, SUBMIT) by using HOOKS and then do something more with it. The possibilities are endless and they work seemlessly.

Of course with great power comes great responsibility. People cut themselves even with blunt knives.

Welcome to the journey!

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Thanks! I’m working myself through the framework docs and your library example…