Adding extra charges for registry

Hi, I am new here and a newbie with ERPNEXT. On my quotation, I have tax added which is ok. After the tax I want an additional registration fee to be added. Like registering a car an extra amount that is done after calculating the tax. How do I add that? I have checked quite a number of ways. it doesn’t seem to be working. I made a new item on sales taxes and charges temple thinking chargers will be an extra amount under the tax. There’s no option showing up to add a “registration fee” under the tax. How can I add this? Thank you.

Is this the same as I am understanding?
can you describe more in details.

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Not really. Let me explain better.
So for my case I have a car that a customer buys. Tax is added 14% VAT. after that i want additional charge to register the vehicle which is like $270 extra amound after the VAT is calculated. So something like
Vehicle Price USD
Fuso Truck 45947
VAT 14% 6432
Registration 270

Something like this. Registration is not a tax. How can I add Registration as extra charge to my quotation?

Doesn’t matter. You can either create a new service item ‘charges/additional fees’, or just add a new line item under the Taxes and Charges section. This section is meant to add all possible additional charges including taxes that’ll be added on the base rate. You also have to see as per local rules if such charge or fee is taxable or not.

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Thanks! I managed to solve that. Your help is appreciated.