Adding field using json file without being affected when doing update


Is it possible to add field in the json file in a way that will stay existed when doing update for erpnext?
Can this be achieved by using export fixtures, how?

Why I need this? Because sometime when I need to add field using custom fields, then I can not set some property like Set Only Once. So I am thinking to add it in the json file but I do not need it to be affected when doing update.


I don’t see a reason why “Set Only Once” should not be available in custom fields…
I think the best way to do it will be adding this “Set Only Once” feature to custom fields.

Please send a PR for the same if you can develop this… else make a feature request on GitHub.

Hello @karthikeyan5
OK, I can do this addition in the Custom Field doctype, but it will be enough? No need for code?

From the other side, still I need to know how I can do changes in the json file without being effected in the update?