Adding fields from other doctypes to sales order report

How can I add invoice no, delivery note no, and payment entry, (which are different doctype fields) to sales order report.


The Menu button, Pick Columns will display what fields are available for that report. The Item-wise Sales History report Menu Button has Add Columns where you can add Fields from DocTypes and it may be easier to fashion a report that displays the information sorted or grouped by Sales Order.

Otherwise the Report Builder can be used to create custom reports.

Thanks a lot for your suggestion. Big Help. Truly appreciate.
Wondering whether I can add “payment entry” column in the report.
Not able to find the ‘payment entry’ field in Add Columns.
Thanks once again.

I’m unable to find payment entry that can be added, to the Item-wise-Sales History report, and the Item-wise sales Register isn’t working here, so I am unable to see if that can add the payment entry. There is a Payment Entry List, however the Add Columns does not have the other fields that are desired. It may be that a custom report will have to be constructed.

The Sales Registry Report does have a Invoice and mode of payment column, and delivery note can be added. Perhaps that can work?

Docs on other accounting reports are here.