Adding fields to Projects

Hi All,

Looking to create some new features with forms in Projects.

I want to add a resource allocation area to manage users on projects

Full Name (pull from Employee)
Start Date (put on calendar)
End Date (put on calendar)

I think copying the functionality of milestones would be good, but still need some guidance on this.

If possible, it would be great to have a list generate on the employee page of project history similar to the history within the company block.

Thanks for your support and for such a great ERP tool


Dr. Trills,

Thanks for the elaborated post.

Rather you should insert custom fields in the Task master, and create Task for each Employee-Project.

If you make report on Task, you will be able to filter it based on Employee. Also, you will be able to filter report based on Project, and see all the Employees working on it.

Task already has Start and End Date field. You can insert custom field of Employee and Salary. Notes can tracked in Details text editor field.

This makes a lot of sense. Thank you very much for the quick reply!

If you have a second, do you know if its possible to change the name from EMP/0001 to their actual name?



Employee can either be saved with Employee ID or with Naming Series. When searching for employee, you can type initials of Employee Name, and you shall get suggestions accordingly.

To have Employee Name fetched in the form on selection of Employee id, check this help page.

Looks good. Will give it a try and see where things go from here.

Thank you again for your help