Adding GST for shipping charges


I want to add the GST on the shipping charges and also this should highlight in Quotation, sales order and sales invoice print.

How can I do that?

I have read similiar post in the forum, but I couldn’t understand it.

Please help.

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any help?

I am sure you would know this workaround, still sharing, which is to add shipping service item in the line item itself, with item level GST.

I used to enter the shipping charges manually as shown in the screenshot.

But I want to edit the rate field based on which the amount should be changed in that table.But I couldn’t edit that rate field.

Screenshot attached.

This is different query from your initial post.

Answer to this one is :
This is a common table for tax and shipping charges which shows the percentage of tax (5%, 12%) in Rate field.
But you can change the amount directly as it is editable.

why can’t we change the rate field.

I want the amount to be changed based on the entered rate.

add Shipping Charges as actual after that enter gst type as On previous row total and Reference row# 1