Adding item price

I have 95,000 items in a new database that I am setting up. Each one has 2-3 prices (purchase, sales and wholesale) some even have a fourth unique one. How can I upload all my items with their prices? The item price file doesn’t show me how.

i think item price file has item or item code field which is link with item document

make more than one price lists and apply those pricelists using custom rules to customer group/customer.

That is a solution for filled databases, but when migrating a new one that has prices next to each item, there is a compatibility issue when trying to upload 90,000 new items and then prices in a separate database.

you may have to to in several steps like:

  1. import your item
    1.1. import your variants (maybe can be same in the same round as as #1)
  2. create your pricelists
  3. import the item prices

Its a major issue, since if you have a list if items, lets say 90,000, and on each record you have 3 different prices, you have to create a separate record for each price in the item price list. This means I have to create 3 separate files from the master list, then allocate the exact price for each one etc…I will do this using access then generate a new excel file.