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I need assistance on how images can be added automatically when a product is chosen from a list. For example, I create a quotation for a car e.g. Rav4, I want the image of rav4 to come automatically on the quotation when printing. If I want a Subaru car-item, I want the quotation to automatically get an image of a Subaru without me having to always upload or choose an image.

Is it possible to do this? If so, kindly assist me on how to go about this.

Thank you.

Attach the image to the item

Enable image in the print format

I have done that, but it doesn’t come up automatically, I have to upload from the system like from “attached files” on the ERP. whereas what I want is, the image to automatically come up when a Subaru car is selected from the item list, the image attachment at the bottom of the quotation should have the Subaru car. without having to upload from “attached files”

Image does come automatically.
We have tested this with sales order & work order, delivery and then invoive.

So can i know how to go about it? Because for my case i always have to attach when i need it to come automatically.

Follow the below steps:

  1. You have to first upload the image in the item master.Just click on the image box and it shows an “Upload” button.

  1. Go to the Quotation and select this item. Expand the item row in the quotation and check if the image is fetched.

  1. Image should be shown as a column on the print page.

Make sure the column for the image is enabled in the print format.

At which step are u exactly facing the issue? Explain with a screenshot/GIF please.

Yes, let me show u how the image comes up when i have to “attach from erp attached images” and where i want the image to be. not in the table, but outside the table.

How would this work in the case of multiple items in the quotation? Also, where are you manually attaching the image? In the item master or the quotation?

I am attaching on the quotation. In the case of multiple images, I will have to consult the company about this issue. If we have multiple products then I will have to see and follow how you have explained with item image in the table. How i am manually attaching is like this. UNDER MORE INFORMATION from the qoutation.
Then it pops up a message to “browse” or “choose an uploaded file”. so I click choose an uploaded file then I see the image and pick and every time i choose the image file, it duplicates and theres another copy of the same image. hence SO MANY SAME IMAGES.

Even if there is a single item or multiple items, it is best to follow the steps as mentioned in my previous reply. Also, it seems that you have enabled “Compact Item Print” in Print Settings.

Because of this, the description and item name info is compressed in a single column. You can uncheck it if needed.

Hope this helps.

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If you’re adding the image in the item master, it gets pulled in the line item table along with other details already.