Adding Lead Options under More Information

When adding a new lead in ERPNext, we have the option of adding More Information. In that section, we have 4 (four) drop-down menus for Lead Type, Market Segment, Industry, and Request Type.

The built-in choices for each of these boxes don’t exactly meet my needs. How can I add/remove choices for each of these drop-down boxes?


You can edit those fields using customize form. For that follow the below given steps.

Customize Form >> Lead >> Under the More Informantion Section >> Edit the Fields.

Hope this helps.

Great, thank you for that help! It worked perfectly except for Industry Type. Is there another place to add/remove industry types?

Industry types are another document type. You can see them by typing “industry” in the search bar while in CRM module and then pick industry type list to get a view of them.

Great, thank you for your help. I see now.

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