Adding link to customer portal

I understand there’s a Document Management System on ERPNEXT, where do I find it?

I’ll also love to know how I can expose a document to a particular user from the Customer Portal. Ex: When logged in into the customer portal, customer can currently see

  1. Projects
  2. Quotation
  3. Orders
  4. Invoices
  5. Shipments etc

How can I add a link to documents like “TAX Documents” in the customer portal and specify the customer who can see same?

Just add the reference doctype in the portal settings. Website > Portal Settings.

Scroll down to the Customize option and add the new info over there.

Thanks a lot.

Can you put me through on the relevant fields to create on the DocType(new) and how to ensure that User A only sees Document DOC221 and not DOC 443?

Sorry to bother you.

The fields are up to you.

I think you will need to share the document with a user for them to see it.

Hi there. I also have a issue with linking customers.
I’m successful in linking the customer, however it links with the raised by field which is fine but i need to link with the customer name as well. Where do i find the file so i can customize it to use the customer name instead?


I want to add one custom link in supplier portal below the item name …when admin can create request for quotation…in that .select supplier ==>select item ==>select quality inspection template…then submit the quality inspection template…

supplier can login with his account and see the in left hand side 4 option

Request for Quotations
Supplier Quotation
My Account
supplier can click on first option then he can able to see the request for quotation…select one of them then see the detail description of that request for quotation…here i want to add one link when supplier can click on that link then one popup is open in that popoup show the quality inspection template selected by while createing the request for quotation …can any one help me for the same…how this possible …plz help