Adding 'manufacturer' to purchase order item

Hi All,

I would appreciate some help with an issue we’re having when adding custom fields to purchase order items.

Here’s what the custom fields look like for “Purchase Order Item”

(the ‘supplier’ custom field is working fine by the way)

Here’s a screenshot of what these custom fields look like on the front end (supplier and supplier part number are populated correctly):

Here’s the setup of the Item in question (the manufacturer and part number are set):

And finally, here’s the custom script that should populate these custom fields on the front end:

I expect the issue is with the custom script, or the document that the custom script is applied to.

Any help would be appreciated!

(using latest master release of ERPNext)


Hi, please try to use Purchase Order in DocType field

Thanks for your reply. Changed DocType to Purchase Order, cleared cache, but still the same result unfortunately.

please change it also cur_frm.add_fetch("item_code","manufacturer","manufacturer")

that worked, thanks very much for the assistance!