Adding multiple Items with quantities

When choosing items in a sales or purchase order, you can click the button “add items” to add multiple items quickly.

In the master branch this feature works as it is supposed to work. You can search for items and click on them. When you click on an item, the quantity is asked with a popup.

However in the develop branch when you click on an item, you cannot enter the quantity. The item is just added with quantity 1. This defeats the purpose of quick entry.

Additionally, in the develop branch the interface for adding multiple items is changed to a POS-like screen. The upside is that you can see the pictures of items. The downside is that the name and code of the item is truncated if it is long.

Is there a way to revert back to the old behaviour? I think both versions can be very helpful. So, the user should be able to choose between them.

Below some screenshots of the two versions:
Master branch

Develop branch

@creador you can tap an item multiple times, but yes there could be a qty input. Will add it soon.

Thanks for that!
Can you tell me where in the code this change was made? I tried to figure it out, but need someone to point me in the right direction.

@rmehta can you tell me which file in the code was edited to change from the old version of items list to the new one with pictures. I’d like to try improving it and sending a pull request.

@creador Have you been able to figure it out. I really need the “Add Items” functionality. I can see the files, just don’t know how to activate that function. Hope you can help. Thank you.

hello sir ,
have you got this thing

You can add in your doctype JS following code to activate ‘Add multiple’ button for child table

	onload_post_render: function(frm) {
		frm.get_field("items").grid.set_multiple_add("item_code", "qty");