Adding multiple product variants at once


I have few products which have more than 20 to 30 size and color variations . Adding those products to sales order individually is almost a pain for sales users . Like

Product 1

Product 1 size 44/24 color 0435
Product 1 size 48/24 color 0381
Product 1 size 50/24 color 0298
Product 1 size 52/24 color 0388

If there is any way I can make this easier for them so they can select the templates and variants come automatically or any other way to make it easier ?


Not out-of-the-box feature, but you may export the appropriate form with data, edit in spreadsheet software, save it as .csv and then import it in ERPNext, that is fastest way to work with almost anything stored as data inside ERPNext/Frappe.

Read more about Import/Export Tools: