Adding new email account shows incorrect email or password

I am trying to add an email account to the FrappeCloud hosted instance, After adding the email domain but I am getting a pop-up with the error “Incorrect email or password. Please check your login credentials.”

What would be the possible reasons?

P.S. - I have already enabled IMAP and less secure apps in Google setting


You will have to use App Password and not your original Gmail password.

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hello, i tried making an app password, but it still doesn’t work in my case.

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the same problem here

use google app password . and use your app password as normal passworn when you login

Step 1 : go to you google account

Step2: Click security

step3: scroll down click the button “App passwords”

Step4: create custom app Name: “ERPNext”

Step 5: generate

Copy the code, and then paste it into your account