Adding Pop up search windows for item lookup


i would like to add a pop up search windows when i’m adding item into sales order, purchase order, or stock entry (warehouse transfer)

ideally, the search windows will be displaying a table of item list with its different searable properties, so even if i don’t know the item name, but i know the item properties, its possible to look it up and put it into the form i’m doing without needing to look it up in item master.

is it possible to do a custom doctype for this and link it to the search field in Sales Order / Item


Frappe has a Dialog API that you can invoke with a client script. You could also use pretty much any other library you like.

following up on the problem, i solve it by adding the properties i want to “search field” in item customize form.
now everytime i type in on the search, the properties that i typed in will also be considered.