Adding postal code to shipping_address_display

I’m trying to display my complete address on the PO print format document.

I want to display my postal code because it’s not there (only address, city, province, and country).

How can I achieve that? I searched the forum but it’s not clear and I don’t know what field to get and how.

Can somebody explain me an easy way to do that.

Steps with relevant screenshots

Step 1: In PO > Address and Contact Section > Select Shipping Address of your company

Step 2: In PO > Print Format > Click on Customize > Add Company (Optional) and Shipping Address field as shown

Step 3: In PO Print Format > Select CustomPO

As you can see, postal code is not here in PO…

But I found that if I delete the “Select Shipping address” and I reselect PT-Billing, the post code is now displayed…
It looks like it’s a bug finally…