Adding Qty to Item master (read only)

Hi! This may seem counterintuitive for some of the folks here, but we run a pretty small manufacturing company with
only two stockrooms.

What we want to be able to do is look at the item list on either manufacturing or on stock → item and see it’s current level and projected level in our stockrooms.

Is there a way to do this? or is it a feature that doesn’t exist yet?


Have you tried using :

  1. Stock Balance and
  2. Stock Ledger report

Yep. I’ve used both.

what they show though is every stock movement ever. I’m sorta looking for two numbers that the team can reference at any given point without having to look at qty ins and outs all day.

Hello @kvnvelasco,

How are you? This is exactly when i am looking for as well.

Do you have a solution now?


Nope, still nothing.

The ideal situation here is a revision of the columns on the item list

| TITLE | STATUS | ITEM Group | Stock Quantity | Projected Quantity | Edited time

But, no. We’ll see what the devs come up with. This is a pretty useful feature for SMEs with only one stockroom.

Since Stock/Warehouse is available in the Item master, closing this thread.