Adding scripting to tables

hey guys
I want to know how to use a function :
When I input a data ,like the product’s name ,and the systems will output some corresponding information,like the height of the product or the weight of the product automatically,which I add previously in the product information

for instance:

in Delivery Note currency and price list

when I input the item code the stock UOM will output by itself


Go through this link:

Thanks for your Answer,but I still have some question about that

today, I have two product : Product A & Product B
There are two factory produce Product A : Factory A1, Factory A 2…and so on
Otherwise, Factory1 has its own data like data A1,data A2…and so on
the same situation on B.

now , the question is that —>

When I choose Product A , the factory type FA1 & FA2 of Product A will show in list 2
and the data information will show in list 3

how can I do for that ?
dynamic or other fuction?