Adding searchable Fields to a new Item entry

Hi there,
I am rather new to ERPNext and we are wanting to use this system for the Electronics Manufacturing industry.
As a first step, we are getting familiarized with the product and one of the first issues we have encountered is not having enough specific fields when entering information for a new item. We would like to add additional fields when creating a new item such as a component VALUE or a component FOOTPRINT. The information entered in these additional fields should be searchable only, meaning we want to search for a component VALUE (eg for a Resistor “1K” as the value) and the search returns all items in the system with a value “1K”.
Thank you.


This link describes how to add a custom field:

Note the In Global Search checkbox that can be checked.

I hope this helps, and good luck.

Thank you for the quick reply, it is much appreciated. I will try it out and see how I go but it looks pretty straight forward.