Adding "Setup" form for custom app

Hi All,

I’m starting work on a small integration app to connect Xero and ERPNext. I’m a little stuck early on in the process.

I have created a bare bones app, which you can see here: GitHub - jevonearth/erp_xero_connect at develop

I expect this app to have one “singleton” settings doctype, which I have named Xero Settings. I expect the rest of the app to consist of hooks that fire from creation/modifications to Inventory Items, and Invoices and call the relevant Xero API methods.

At this point, I’m stuck on the seemingly simple task of getting the settings screen to display. What I expect is, when I go to the module, I should see a ‘Setup’ item on the left, as the screen capture below shows;

I created in the config directory, as shown below, but I still do not get a link to my Xero Settings page. Any pointers appreciated.


Stupid question: did you try to clear your cache/restart your bench server process ? :slight_smile:

Yes, I did! :smile:

The user must have permissions to “Xero Settings”

It wasn’t the permissions at fault. I had the Doctype set to “System”, I changed it to “Setup” and now my item shows up. Thanks all for the assistance.