Adding Shipping Fee in Sales Order

Hello, I’m using ERPNext version 13. I’m attempting to include a shipping fee in a Sales Order, factoring it into the item computations and ensuring that it is VAT inclusive. How can I achieve this?

How about adding an item called “Shipping” and adding it to your sales order?

What about if the shipping fee amount is not yet determined? So every time, I would add that item/item price? But then again, shipping fee is not an income of the company.

Are you sure “shipping fee is not an income of the company”? I ask because you mention it must be VAT inclusive, which I assume means you’re charging for it and collecting tax for it.

Of course, shipping fee is also an expense when you pay for it, so usually the income gets offset assuming you bill the actual amount of the shipping expense.

Typically you can just add the shipping as a service or non-inventory type item, and then update the price manually on a quote, sales order and/or invoice, whenever you know how much it will cost.

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