Adding some Doctype in ERPNext, want to push the app to my github repository

Guys. I already added some Doctype in ERPNext.
I want to push to my github directory so that I can pull the ERPNext and the changes later for deployment.

How to do that?

@iqbalzahir, Refer following links -


Thanks @priya_s I will check the link.

@iqbalzahir what are you building. The best approach is to make it generic and contribute back!

I just build some doctype which are for Daily Employee Report that used to HR Manager can make a report for his Employee, 2nd is Employee Receipt which is in my situation I help my Employee to renew their passport and buy their working permit in my country (Malaysia) and last is General Receipt that an Account User or Manager or Sales User can create General Receipt of selling.

I just want your opinion, is my doctypes is best for community to use? If so I will try to edit the doctypes to improve and pull request to add in new branch of frappe.
I just feel my doctypes aren’t best because its just a simple doctypes.

And lastly if I want to contribute back in development, where can i get an info about the guidance (to fulfill ERPNext features)?