Adding status to doctype

in my custom app.
I have added this code in bank_guarantee_list.js

frappe.listview_settings['Bank guarantee'] = {
	add_fields: ["end_date", "claim_period", "workflow_status",
	get_indicator: function(doc) {
			if (doc.end_date  < frappe.datetime.nowdate()) {
				return [__("Not Expired"), "darkgrey", "end_date,<," + frappe.datetime.nowdate()];
			else if (doc.end_date  < frappe.datetime.nowdate()) {
				return [__("Expired"), "blue", "end_date,>," + frappe.datetime.nowdate()];


i have added:

doctype_list_js = {"Bank Guarantee" : "public/js/bank_guarantee_list.js"}

I did bench build.

still not getting the expected output.

is something missing?
can someone help me to solve this ?