Adding telephone system integration

We are looking at using ERPnext CRM for tracking all incoming customer calls.
Our current phone system provider can give me the data I want, customer, time/date, etc.
Problem one is when putting it into ERPnext, the customers are in the Address table, which has the comments field for injecting the data, but my people are always in the Selling / Customer form and that data does not get populated into any viewable fields there.
Is there a way to inject / mirror any comments on the address or contacts forms to the address form?

This feature is not available in ERPNext.

The users @revant_one and @mrjain are experienced on this front. Requesting assistance on how could we have one built-in ERPNext.

ERPNext is capable of handling the data.

General flow:

  1. Incoming call (caller number in data provided by telprovider)
  2. check number in Contact, if exists add communication under that Contact’s Customer or Contact’s Lead. (Allowing the creation of an Organization as Lead by chdecultot · Pull Request #11724 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub)
  3. If number is not found under contacts add a communication. On this open unidentified communication user has to manually verify and create lead/customer and add related contact
  4. Added contact will be found next time the caller calls.

Although data handling is generic, Telephony providers have their specific api available to specific user subscription plans. If you are on Knowlarity’s Top plan use this as refrence

Thanks for sharing this code snippets.

Thank you very much for the help, I greatly appreciate your help.