Adding Tests, Parameters in Quality Module

Can someone think to add additional functionality in Quality Module(In-coming, In-Process and Out-going) Batch No/Lot No.,Tests, Parameters, Max.Value, Min. Value, Tolerance, Actual Result, Test Pass/Failed, Action for Failed test.
For In-coming QC for Failed test there could be re-work Option.

If this is added in ERPNEXT Quality Control module then it will be useful for most of the sectors like Pharam, Chemical, Engineering Industries etc. Most of the Industries require to keep QC certificate for Customers, FDA, GMP authorities etc.

This can be also applicable for Subcontracting module also to test on-site QC and In-coming QC.

Can someone think on this to customize QC module?

The Quality features can also do with some love. A good way to start would be to write out detailed specs (with mockups) and post them here or on GitHub. Then maybe get more people to upvote your feature or start a bounty.