Adding the supplier doctype as a child in another doctype


I want to add a supplier doctype in a new custom doctype like how we add items on a PO and when i create a field in the custom field called supplier as a table linking to suppliers.

This works but after doing this i can no longer open the supplier list view it remains blank with the text “LOADING” written on it, what i want is to have the suppliers view working normally and a doctype having ability to add suppliers on a list.



In custom field, Options of the Table fieldtype must be a child table(see attachment), as you have added the options as Supplier which is not a child table system throwing an error while accessing the supplier list

Thank you for the reply,
But this means i cant list suppliers or add them normally.

Hi @Oasis_Agano

Make new custom doctype with is child table enable, add field supplier with fieldtype link and options as Supplier in this doctype. Use this custom doctype in the options of the custom field for adding the suppliers in the child table.

Will the new doctype update the supplier doctype when i add in it?

Hi @Oasis_Agano,

You can only link the two doctypes not update the data, for that you have to write the script.
Can you share your complete use case?

I duplicated the rfq supplier table in another one and i set it as a child to my new one then it works perfectly, even when i add a supplier or a contact in the other doctype in a quick entry it goes in the supplier doctype.