Adding time sheets to an issue

We would like to add the option to add the timesheets entry on every issue we receive. Being an IT service helpdesk, we bill for the time that we spend on each ticket. It is not convenient to work on a ticket and then go to the timesheets section to make an entry for the time against a sales order. We have tried to customize the issues section and added the timesheet table, but that does not work at all as we are unable to view the timesheets in the Timesheets listing. Are we doing it the wrong way or is there an easier way to do this?


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Any response on this would be greatly appreciated. We are trying to make a decision between Odoo and ERPNext and so far Odoo seems to be very flexible. Also, there is a support and sales number that we can ring to discuss and talk to them about our use case. Is there anything like that for ERPNext as well?

Thanks very much.


There are some contact info here: and here:

What have you tried that is not working?
Someone can only help if we know what you are having difficulty with

Making decision on what ERP solution to use is a lot of headache on it own, take your time and make proper informed decision, ERPNext is “Open” but like every enterprise solution comes with its own cost; investing in your own inhouse developers or outsource is one of those cost you can’t shy away from,
good luck in your search.

Thanks for your response. We would like to add billable time on the same page of every issue. Currently we have to go into every time sheet and add time entries into it for every issue but if the timesheet option is available on the Issie page then we will not have to create separate time entries. On the issue page we would like the timesheet table to be visible where we can connect the sales order in order to create a link to the sales order. Please see the attached screenshot will we have customised the issue document and added timesheet table but when we add the timesheet entry against the sales order and marked as billable we are not able to see that timesheet entry in any project or task or even Sales Order

Hi there, welcome.

I don’t really understand your description here.

What does this mean?

My apologies. That was a typo. I have now corrected it. Also as an example, I have attached a screenshot from odoo ERP and as you can see that it allows you to add time entries on the same page where the issue is open.

All these issues are linked to a sales order and at the end of the month you just have to go to the sales order and invoice for all the logged hours for that customer.

Thanks for the clarification.

I’m still not clear what this means:

…but in broad strokes I think I understand what you’re trying to do.

In general, I think ERPNext approaches this process a bit differently than Odoo does. It’s hard to make comprehensive comparisons (and everyone is going to have a different opinion), but in my view Odoo tends to come a bit more ready-for-use out of the box compared to ERPNext but is also less flexible and less easily customized.

Regardless, what you are describing — generating timesheets from Issue docs and then billing for those timesheets at the end of the period — is very possible, though it requires a bit of customization to glue it all together. I’d probably approach it like this:

  1. Customize the TImesheet doctype to add a Link field that points back to the Issue doctype, then add the link to the Issue doctype header.(Customizing DocTypes)
  2. Optionally, add a button to the Issue doctype to trigger a popup dialog that allows users to create a new Timesheet doc. (Adding Custom Button To Form) and (Dialog API)
  3. Also optionally, if your business process requires Sales Orders, use a Server Script to automatically generate Sales Orders when Timesheets are generated. (Server Scripts)
  4. At the end of the billing period, generate a Sales Invoice, either by consolidating the Sales Orders you’ve been generating all along or directly from the Timesheets. (

There are many other approaches depending on your use-case, but this would be one relatively easy to put into place.

From your image I can see your customization, base on what I see and from your post, I would say you need 3 doctype here, but i can only see 2

  1. Time Sheet Table
  2. Employee Detail
    you should add
  3. Project and link it to Project
    I guess you should be able to now see the timesheet entry in any project, some little client or server script might be needed but that should do it,
    I think you should know, timesheet is connected to projects module…

Thank you once again @peterg for getting back. That was another typo which I have corrected. Let me revert back to you.

Thank you @spryng for taking the time to respond. Can you kindly provide any links or examples on how to implement this or even any screenshots please? Also would there be any list of partners or developers that can be hired to implement the changes?

Post here in the discuss you will get someone will to take up the job/task
or you can do it on telegram group link below :point_down:

also more tutorial on frappe school and a lot of resource on youtube just search for erpnext on youtube
hope this help